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  1. Can I place an order as an individual?


Comad does not conduct retail sales activities,

individual orders can be placed in the stores of our contractors.


  1. Is it possible to order custom-made furniture?


It is not possible to order furniture to size, but we have a wide range of bathroom furniture from which you can complete various sets, according to your preferences.


  1. Why are the product prices not displayed on the website?


Prices are available after discussing cooperation and registering the contractor by our sales department.


  1. Is dropshipping possible?


Absolutely, but only in Poland, details are best discussed with our sales department (contact details are provided in the footer of the website)


  1. Can I order individual pieces of furniture?


It is not possible to order a single item, the furniture is sold as a whole.


  1. Can I order a new item if one of the pieces of furniture is damaged?


Our direct customers can file a claim with us, in case the client is aware of the damage through their own fault, the cost of the claim must be borne.


  1. If I made a purchase in your contractor's store, can I file complaints directly with Comad?

B2C customers should file a complaint directly with the store where the purchase was made.


  1. How long is the warranty period?


All products are covered by a 24-month warranty.


  1. Can I use additional fasteners or glue to assemble furniture that are not included in the assembly instructions?


We recommend that you follow the installation instructions, otherwise the warranty for the product may be voided.


  1. What is the furniture made of?


Mostly it is MDF and/or laminated board, we also offer collections made of wood.


  1. Where can I find the product catalog?


Our catalog is available at in the "Download" tab


  1. How long does it take for shipping after placing an order?


The maximum order processing time is 14 business days (if the product is available)


  1. How long do I have to wait for a product that is out of stock?


For detailed information, please contact our sales department (data provided in the footer of the website.)


  1. What is a soft house?


It slows down the closing of doors and drawers and pulls them to the fully closed position. This function allows you to limit damage to furniture.


  1. What does laminated board mean?


Laminated board is a product made of three-layer chipboard covered with thermosetting paper, which gives the final finish, while giving structure by pressing onto the board.



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